"For the first time ever online, the complete
Gay Extreme Hardcore S&M Library from the
Bijou Theater producer Steven Toushin"
The most intense gay cinema ever shot!

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"In those days, there was no 'consensual',
there was only 'consent'."

"This meant that a submissive would buy a potential Dom a drink in a bar and that was a contract that he 'consented' to become that guy's sex slave. A little scary huh?" - Bijou Producer

Hundreds of original titles remastered
and available for the first time online!

The entire Bijou Collection of films from 1969 to present has been remastered in and available for online viewing & download!

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'Centurians of Rome' now showing inside!

This blockbuster epic tells the tale of Roman countrymen sold into slavery during Caligula's reign. 31 luscious men sprawl across the screen in their passionate fight for freedom and man-love.

S&M From A Grittier Time

Preview the infamous titles that made these films amongst the most unique gay S&/grindhouse movies ever shot!