"For the first time ever online, the complete
Gay Extreme Hardcore S&M Library from the
Bijou Theater producer Steven Toushin"
The most intense gay cinema ever shot!

While our focus is on presenting a library of videos that helped shape
and challenge gay culture in our society, we also offer several other sections as interesting resources, entertainment and social networking.

An Active Community...

of real people who are truly enthusiastic about the gay bondage and S&M scene from the 70's to the present! Meet people and participate first hand in the action!

'Old Reliable' Audio Stories
Full CD collections available for online listening or downloading to your MP3 player or mobile device. Cue these up at your next party and watch your guests howl with shock and delight! ... More
Club & Resource Guide
Looking for BDSM, Leather/Levi, Gay Motorcycle Groups or Events in your area? Check out our extensive listings and, by all means, if you know of one not on the list, go ahead and ... More
Personal Profiles
Once you are a member, you are free to set up a personal profile to share with others. Upload photos, write a bio or a novel, whatever you like! This is a great way to get known around ... More
The Tribal Community Forum
A no-holes barred member discussion forum for meeting new people, debating hot topics in the community and pretty much anything else you'd like to do in a non-commercial... More
The Tribal Showcase
Once a month, Tribal male publishes extensive biographies and creative works by significant people in gay culture. Current features include Tom of Finland and Robert ... More
Tribal Knowledge
Our ongoing series of educational articles where you can read and learn more about such occluded topics as fisting techniques, electro-stimulation, CBT, orgasm denial, cuckolding ... More
The Tribal DVD Store
Discount on all 350+ Bijou video titles shipped right to your door (unless you live in many of the states where we can't send these to!) Shop until you drop! All flims have been ... More
The Tribal Stockroom
Members also get an unlimited 10% discount on all items available at the venerable source of bdsm and sex toys at the Stockroom. A huge selection of wild devices made just for ... More
Tribal S&M Dating
Members also have access to a massive database of gay folks around the world for you to meet and beat. No matter what your flavor you are sure to find others with similar interests ... More

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